√ July 1:
Gretchen Crane- Omaha Conservatory of Music
√ July 8:
DeJuan Reddick Exec Director POC-
Joey Wolfe, Development Director
The Hope Center for Kids
2200 N 20th Street 
Omaha, NE 68110
√ July 15:
 Alexis Bromley, Omaha Girls Rock
√ July 22:

Tracy Domgard and Key Club Reps RE: International Key Club Convention

July 29:

Leigh Healey RDN, LMNT, LD

Hy-Vee Corporate Registered Dietitian

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Welcome to the Kiwanis Club of West Omaha
Founded in 1938 for Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha and founded in 1961 for Kiwanis Club Westside which have merged together to form the Kiwanis Club of West Omaha. Each has a rich history of community service throughout the years. We are an eclectic mix of ages, genders, occupations, backgrounds and interests. We are all passionate about making our community and the world a better place for children so they can thrive. We are devoted to serving the children in our local community and also children all across the country and worldwide through unique and innovative service projects and fundraising initiatives. Members and invited guests meet each Monday at Noon for food, fellowship, and for the opportunity to hear from speakers about important matters in our region.
Meeting Location:
RSVP or Questions: [email protected]
Attendance: 12 Members and Dustin
50/50 Still no winner.
Rod collected Happy Bucks.
We enjoyed listening to our speaker at the beginning of the meeting. The switch was made because, he had another commitment at 1 pm. Joann introduced Rodney Evans to us. He is CEO of Metro Area Youth Services...MAYS. Their mission is to identify strengths and weaknesses of youth with challenging backgrounds and provide programming that uncovers hidden skills and talents, while forming ongoing community partnerships enabling them to provide additional services to support youth and their families. Once again, a fascinating speaker.
The Board approved to spend up to $1000.00 to buy back packs and school supplies for children that need these items. Barb is contacting schools to see if there is a need for these. So far, she has not been able to reach anyone at Sacred Heart School. A couple others that she will contact are Completely Kid's and Street School.
The District Convention is August 4th & 5th.  Joann and Glen will be attending it.  Our club will be helping check in the produce donated by attendees for Saving Grace. Ralph, Greg and Joann volunteered for Friday evening. Glen, Joann and Steve volunteered for Saturday morning.
Joann volunteered to take the produce that our members would like to bring to our meeting on August 3rd.
Barb signed us up to Provide A Meal for Ronald McDonald House on August 12th.  A sheet was passed around for volunteers. 8 would be good.  So far, we have Dave, Barb, Steve and Dana. Email Barb if you are available to volunteer.
Our Summer Party is August 26th at Jack Jackson's house. 
Our Installation Dinner is October 10th at 6 pm at Champions Run. More information as it gets closer.
Joann will send out an email about the possibility of a change in days for our meetings. There is a chance a Rotary Club will ask for both meeting rooms at Legends for their club meetings on Thursday's.  They are making their evaluation this week and next week.
Speaker for August 3rd is Ishmael Costello, Director of Completely Kids.
Next Board Meeting is August 8th at Kip's office.
Next meeting is August 3rd at noon at Legends.
Submitted by Barb St John