√ July 1:
Gretchen Crane- Omaha Conservatory of Music
√ July 8:
DeJuan Reddick Exec Director POC-
Joey Wolfe, Development Director
The Hope Center for Kids
2200 N 20th Street 
Omaha, NE 68110
√ July 15:
 Alexis Bromley, Omaha Girls Rock
√ July 22:

Tracy Domgard and Key Club Reps RE: International Key Club Convention

July 29:

Leigh Healey RDN, LMNT, LD

Hy-Vee Corporate Registered Dietitian

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Welcome to the Kiwanis Club of West Omaha
Founded in 1938 for Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha and founded in 1961 for Kiwanis Club Westside which have merged together to form the Kiwanis Club of West Omaha. Each has a rich history of community service throughout the years. We are an eclectic mix of ages, genders, occupations, backgrounds and interests. We are all passionate about making our community and the world a better place for children so they can thrive. We are devoted to serving the children in our local community and also children all across the country and worldwide through unique and innovative service projects and fundraising initiatives. Members and invited guests meet each Monday at Noon for food, fellowship, and for the opportunity to hear from speakers about important matters in our region.
Meeting Location:
RSVP or Questions: [email protected]

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Greg.This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance:  16

No winner for the 50/50 Drawing. 

Dennis collected Happy Bucks.

Dale said Dave, Barb, Rich and Dennis volunteered for Completely Kid's on April 18th. They helped unpack the food that is packed on Wednesdays. It was good to see the prep work that goes into being ready for packing the bags on Wednesdays. Next time for Completely Kid's will be May 15th. Barb, Dave, Dennis, Rich and Joann have volunteered. 

Next Reading at Sacred Heart School is Thursday, May 9th. Rich, Steve, Dana and Joann volunteered. Kip volunteered to be a back up if needed.

Dennis said $3300.00 has been collected so far on the Flag Project. 

May 18th is Armed Services Day . We will place and pickup flags that day. Meet at Loveland School. 7 am for placing and 6 pm for pickup.  Email Dennis if you are available to volunteer.

Barb said we have 35 signed up for our Kiwanis Social Event Tuesday, May 7th at 6 pm at Legends. It should be a fun evening of food and good company.

Greg said the Zoo trip for the Sacred Heart 2nd Graders went well other than it was very cold.  18 children went on the trip.  Dana, Rod, Frank , Greg and his wife volunteered to go on the trip.

Kip, Steve, Joann, Greg & Glenn went to the District Board Meeting last week. We had an Interclub. The main focus is on K Clubs and Key Clubs. Our clubs are encouraged to try and establish one of these. Let Kip know if you'd like to volunteer to look into what this would require.

Steve said thinks are coming along slowly for our Golf Outing on June 7th.  Let Steve know if you have teams, hole sponsors, raffle prizes and if you're available to help that day.

Ralph said he has enough volunteers for Long Jump and Shot Put at the Special Olympics on May 17th.

Deb brought several items for the Homeless Shelters we are giving donations to. She received totes and numerous items from her neighbors.  Don't forget to bring items to our meetings for Deb or Joann to distribute to Open Door Mission, Stephen Center and Sienna Francis House. Small or large donations are appreciated.

Deb Rost was at AllPlay on Clean Up Day. Helping in the kitchen. Barb and Dave were at AllPlay on Opening Day as Greeters. It takes a lot of volunteers to make everything run smoothly. It's a very rewarding experience. Go to AllPlay.org to sign up to volunteer.

Greg introduced our speaker Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason. He has been selected to serve as the Nebraska State Poet for the term of 2019-2024. He is the author of two full-length, Nebraska Book Award-winning poetry collections, as well as several poetry chapbooks. Shortly after founding his own independent press, Morpo Press, in 1997, Matt started The Poetry Menu, a comprehensive website that lists every poetry event in the state of Nebraska. In 2011, he helped bring the Louder Than a Bomb teen poetry festival to Nebraska, establishing an Omaha chapter that now includes participants from more than 35 high schools in Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa. His work with Slam Poetry also led him to find the Omaha Healing Arts Center Poetry Slam, which takes place on the second Saturday of every month. Matt currently serves as Executive Director of the Nebraska Writers Collective and resides in Omaha. Matt read 4 poems to us, which we enjoyed.

Our speaker for next week is Mandy Aleksiak - Audience Services Director of Rose Theater.

Next Meeting is May 13th at noon at Legends.

Submitted by Barb St John